JSC "JBK-TADES" and JSC "Plant JBK-Nurek"

JSC "JBK-TADES" and JSC "Plant JBK-Nurek" carry out the production of reinforced concrete poles and structures for the construction of a network of transmission lines and substations, producing ready-mixed concrete, inert, and non-metallic materials. Enterprises located in the Rudaki district and the city of Nurek, respectively.

The main activity of JSC "JBK-TADES" is the production of light and heavy concrete products for rural and industrial sites in the Republic of Tajikistan. The priority development of the plant is the production of concrete products for electrical substations and power lines. In addition, the company can produce bridge plate capacity of up to 100 tons, as well as 1-2-D and 3-storey houses of different modifications.

Among the major built and are in operation objects appear:

  • • Production of reinforced concrete structures for the construction SGES-1, etc .;
  • • Construction of new school buildings and dormitories for the Tajik State National University;
  • • Construction of a branch of the Tajik Pedagogical University. Aini in Rasht district;
  • • Construction of a new district center Nurabad area;
  • • Construction of a new Institute building in Dangara district.

ZAO "JBK-TADES" located at the address: Dushanbe, district Shohmansur to / from Guliston, uch. Lohuti.

The main activity of JSC "Plant JBK-Nurek" is the production of precast concrete, metal, concrete and aggregates. In addition, the company produces blocks, grids, metal and consumer goods.

Main completed and are in the objects:

  • • manufacturer of foundations and anchorages for Mekhkolonna №1;
  • • Manufacturing of non-metallic materials for JSC "RSU-TADES" on site "in Yavan Chemical Plant";
  • • ferroconcrete products and metal structures for OJSC "Rogun";
  • • Providing of non-metallic materials for JSC "SGES-1."

JSC "Plant JBK-Nurek" located at Nurek, Lenina, 5.