Mechanical Unit №1

Mechanical Unit №1 there since 1938, the main kinds of activity is the repair and construction of substations and transmission lines, preparation of construction sites, excavation works, the device of external and internal networks and equipment, commissioning. The branch has a good industrial base and qualified personnel.

Currently Mechanical Unit №1 is a branch of JSC "TADES." The company is located 18 km from the city of Dushanbe, in Rudaki district.

The company has a license of the State Licensing Center RP-7 №0000749 for the following activities:

  • - Construction and installation (except construction of individual houses);
  • - Installation of metal structures;
  • - Installation of concrete and reinforced concrete monolithic structures;
  • - Installation of precast reinforced concrete structures;
  • - Masonry stone bricks and blocks;
  • - Engineering networks, systems and equipment for networks
  • - power supply and lighting;
  • - Internal engineering networks: electricity networks and installation electrical equipment and lighting.

Mechanical Unit №1 led the construction and installation work on the construction of power lines and transformer substations in all regions of the republic and has experience in the construction of electric networks for over 45 years. Over the last 16 years Mechanical Unit №1 performed construction and installation works on all the important sites for the construction of transmission lines and substations from 0.4 to 500 kV.

Among the major completed projects executed Mechanical Unit №1 in recent years can be noted: "Construction of 110 / 10kV" Firdavsi "with the approach of the HV-110", "220 kV overhead" Kanibadam-Batken "VL-220" Sangtuda-Lolazor " OTL-220 "Sangtuda-1" -ORU220kV "VATZ."

In 2009 assumed the construction of a 10kV (in size 220) PPC 6-5RP 2, VL-220 "Sangtuda-state border" and others.

Mechanical Unit №1 situated in the Rudaki district in the village of "Mavch" 18km from the city of Dushanbe.