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Closed Joint Stock Company "TADES" was established in 2013 as a result of the conversion Open Joint Stock Industrial and Building Company "TADES."

CJSC "TADES" currently holds a strong position in the market of engineering services in the energy sector, implementing projects in the Republic of Tajikistan and abroad.

The priority of the company is the design, construction and reconstruction of hydropower facilities. At the same time CJSC "TADES" - a recognized expert in the field of hydro power and control in the energy sector. The company is also actively developing trend in the field of civil construction with huge experience in infrastructure development.

Company history

For a better representation of "TADES" should describe its history since 1939. Then the solution of issues related to the electrification of agriculture TSSR was created trust "Tadzhikselelektrostroy". The main objectives set for the union is the construction and commissioning of the power grid facilities, the complex design of electric networks 0,4-110 kV with performance engineering studies, the development of electrical circuits prospective development areas and areas TSSR 0.4-110 kV voltage, through the application of highly industrialized economic design and construction solutions. At the end of 1987 on the basis of trust "Tadzhikselelektrostroy" Tajik OKP CAO "Selenergoproekt" and RSU "Tadzhikenergoremont" was organized by the Tajik Design and Construction Industrial Association for the construction of electric networks "TADES." The association "TADES" also joined Unit FDI "Tadzhikenergoproekt" and HRSU "Spetsenergoremont." "TADES" becomes general design and contracting company for design and construction of power transmission lines with voltage of 0.4 - 220 kV electrical substations 6.10 / 0.4 kV and 110/35/10 kV in the Tajik SSR. In 1999, Industrial Design and Construction Association "TADES" State Company "Barki Tojik" was transformed into open joint stock company Design - Industrial - Construction Association "TADES", which is the main link of self-supporting management of grid construction in the Republic of Tajikistan and is a single production and economic complex. During the years of its existence JSC BPO "TADES" actively participated in all significant construction projects of the republic: SS "Tavildara," 35 kV overhead line "USSR-India" for direct connection of overhead lines of 110 kV between substation "Nurek" and Substation "Tutkaul" electricity Kunduz Islamic State of Afghanistan, the memorial complex "Somoni" and others. In addition to specific goals and objectives for the construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation of power facilities in the period 1985-2000years. JSC BPO "TADES" carries huge volumes of construction and repair work on the most important economic building sites. In 2004, a change of organizational form BPO JSC "TADES" enterprise becomes closed joint stock company. In addition, the company includes in its membership Joint Venture Limited Liability Company "TADES International". CEPA "TADES International" has participated in various tenders announced by the Centre for implementation of the international credit organizations, has experience in the conclusion of such major contracts as "Replacement of pipes siphon" Shurchasay "Khatlon", "Rehabilitation of the Grand Canal in Hissar Lenin"," Emergency measures for stabilizing landslide Baipaza "and others.


The most important competitive advantage of our company is the possibility of a full cycle of works to commissioning "turnkey". First of all it provides a great experiences in various fields of activity:

  • • A full range of geodetic survey work
  • • Design
  • • Equipment
  • • Civil works
  • • Construction of hydraulic structures
  • • Construction of substations
  • • Electric installation work
  • • Construction of overhead power lines
  • • Commissioning works
  • • Energy audit
  • • Operation and maintenance
  • • Production of aggregate
  • • Production of reinforced concrete structures


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