Sangtuda Dam HPP-1

In September 2005 ‘TADES’ - the leader of Consortium ‘TADES-ChirkeyGESstroy’ signed the Contract on execution of construction-and-assembling works on the Sangtoudinskaya HPP-1 Dam Construction on Vakhsh river to the amount of more than 1,5 milliard of Russian rubles. The construction provides the erection of stone-earth dam of 76,5 m in height, in length of crest of dam of 517 m and in width of base of dam of 433 m. The construction period was 4 years. Total volume of the land filling was 4,5 million m 3. Pebble stones, stones, sabulous-macadam soil, filtration composition, monolithic concrete cant ledge slabs are used to fill the Dam

ВЛ-220кВ «Баткен-Канибадам» ВЛ-220кВ «Баткен-Канибадам» ВЛ-220кВ «Баткен-Канибадам»